It's been a bad month

Just about a month ago I was getting ready for a week long cruise vacation through some of the eastern Caribbean islands. It was my first cruise, and it went much better than I’d anticipated. Other than rough seas the final day, I enjoyed it a ton. Nothing better than a week spent in the sunshine and warm weather during the cold, gloomy days of winter in the midwest. But it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies.

Katie and I both came down with a serious case of the flu the day we got back. It was thoroughly terrible. It was also the first time I had the flu. I’m not the kind of person to have enemies, but even if I did, I wouldn’t wish that illness on the worst among them. I’ve been absolutely out of commission from the day we got back until about 5 days ago. I’d wake up to log on for work, and log off at the end of the day and start sleeping. Every bit of energy I had was going towards fighting of the flu.

Counting the week of vacation and the roughly two and a half weeks I was sick, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything productive or worthwhile with my life. It sucks because I was on such a roll the first few weeks of the year. I’d been reading a ton (finished 4 books in 20-ish days) and working on improving other skills, too. I had been journaling for 20 consecutive days, something I’ve always struggled to do consistently.

Now, I get to start over. All those good habits have been wiped out. Since I’ve been feeling better, it’s been difficult to get back into that day-to-day routine. The time I spent sleeping while sick has turned into time spent playing video games and binge watching TV. I’ve got to get back into gear and build on those great 20 days that started the year. And that starts by writing this silly postmortem to get me going again.