Hello, 2018!

Happy second week of 2018! I’m here to check in after few weeks off for the holidays. Since I’ve already recapped 2017 in my last post, I figured I’d do a little look at the year ahead.

Last year, I set a bunch of lofty goals, most of which I did not acheive. I tried to make them S.M.A.R.T. but as I said in my review, I think I set experience too high.

Themes for the year

This time around, I’m not going to set goals for the entire year. It’s just really hard to predict where the year will take me. Instead, I’m going to discuss some overarching themes for the coming year. From there, I’m going to set monthly goals for myself in order to get where I want to be by year’s end.

Steps towards an independent career.

At some point, I think I’d like to be my own boss. Maybe not in the next couple of years, but I believe that my ultimate career goal is having the freedom to pursue exciting, rewarding, and impactful work. I said this last year and failed, but in 2018 I’d like to take on some freelance work and also pursue some side projects of my own. I’ve already got a couple of leads to get me started, and I’m excited to see where this takes me.

Learn like I’m in school again

Both personally and professionally, there’s a huge list of topics I’d like to learn more about. Now, this list has been growing and growing over the past couple of years. The problem is that I never give myself a reason to sit down, do the research, and do anything meaningful with new information.

This year, especially for non-career related topics, I’m planning to write essays and blog posts on stuff that interests me. I think that having something to show for self-education will be very rewarding. My hope is that it starts a positive feedback loop that keeps me going.

As far as professional growth, Im going to spend time sharpening my tools so that I’m more equipped to solve any problem that gets thrown my way. Some of this will be technical, and some will be non-technical, as I’ll also need to learn more about business-type stuff if I have hopes of having a business.

Take my physical health seriously

Not that I have any problems, but I certainly haven’t been setting myself up for a healthy future over the past few years. I’ve made efforts, but they haven’t become habits. I’d like to start taking running seriously for the first time. Also, I’m finding that I’m feeling odd aches and pains, especially as it’s gotten colder. I’m not at all flexible, and should do a lot more stretching (also, maybe…yoga?).

The last half of 2017, I started cooking a lot more. I’ve grown to love preparing food, and I’m more concerned with what I’m putting into my body. I ended up losing a bit of weight just with this change alone. Moving into the new year, I want to continue this trend to help myself become healthy long-term.

As the year passes by, I’ll be sure to come back with some updates on these trends. I look forward to a fulfilling year, and wish you a happy and healthy 2018!