I'm really, really bad at this

Today marks the fifth day that Katie and I have been living in Cincinnati, Ohio. And for the first time in weeks, I finally feel like I’m back into the swing of things. We spent about a month cleaning and packing for the move, and while we aren’t quite unpacked, it seems like we’re getting cozy in our new home. I spent some time today tinkering around on some side project stuff, and remembered it’s been a while since I posted on this blog.

It’s not that I didn’t have the time or desire to write. In fact, I have at least a dozen half-finished drafts waiting to be tended to. I’ve had lots of ideas and even spent time putting them into semi-cohesive words, but I’m terrible at pushing posts across the finish line.

Part of it is my desire for my work to be perfect, even though I know it never will be. I spend so much time worrying if things are good enough instead of publishing it and moving on. Same thing goes for my 12 sites in 12 months challenge from my 2017 goals: I have a couple of 95% done sites, but I can’t bring myself to shipping them.

One positive is that I recognize that this is going on. I even started a Daily UI challenge on Codepen to make myself put more work out there. That was going well, and I’d like to work that into the list of thing I want to do. Hell, I wanted to start vlogging my new adventures, but I’m not confident in my ability to stick to that at this point.

I need to kick my butt into gear and get to work. At the same time, I need to realize that I only have so much time, and I might not be able to do everything I want to do. For me, what it comes down to is two things: prioritizing tasks and being proactive. I need to constantly evaluate what is important to me, and then do it without finding excuses to get sidetracked.

I guess the answer is simple: just work.